Mogen & Grus

There seems to be some sort of hierarchy amongst office workers: 
1. Practice
2. Agency
3. Studio
4. Office
5. Desk

'1' being on the top of this hierarchy (imagine architects), then the advertising and PR people (designers, creatives, freelancers) and the rest of the office workers that blend into some sort of grey cloud. 
Yes this list is arbitrary and it probably makes no sense at all. One thing is true, though,  some cafés in Stockholm only seem to open during office hours. This is something I still have a hard time getting used to. When are we supposed to go to these kind of places? On our lunch brakes? On our sick days? 
I was happy to come across Mogen & Grus yesterday. I left school a bit earlier, and on my way to some other café for some school homework (no studio or office, yet), I saw the smallest of coffee shops around. The coffee was just perfect. Rich, full, strong. I even got a free cookie. Located on Kocksgatan right next door to Haberdash, one of my favourite clothing's stores in Södermalm, this place is the ideal stop to load up on caffeine. Keep in mind that except for Saturdays it only opens office hours.